Attorney Advantage

Affordable full-service legal packages for uncontested divorces with attorney advice done virtually!

The divorce process is streamlined and simplified.

  • An attorney with more than a decade of legal experience with help you through the process.
  • We understand the value of peace of mind and keeping things simple

We will help you Just Be Done as soon as possible.

  • Just Be Done Package $2500 Base Price

How We Start

Up to 1-hour consultation with an Attorney who will advise you on your legal rights, answer your questions and make you aware of any issues specific to your situation that could impact your divorce. There is $50.00 consultation fee which is deducted from your package price*.

What does “uncontested” mean? Uncontested means that you and your spouse have already discussed (or will likely agree) on how you want to divide assets without an attorney having to get involved. Both parties are willing to cooperate, review and sign the required documents which will then be submitted to the Court.

Please note that if conflicts arise during the process the uncontested full-service package may no longer be feasible.

* To safeguard the facts of your case haven’t change since the consultation, the divorce package must be selected and paid for within 10 calendar days of the initial consultation to receive the deduction.

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