Marital Dissolution and Feelings of Anger

Marital Dissolution and Feelings of Anger

A marital dissolution is upsetting, especially if one spouse has cheated. Add in the legal formalities, which include the division of assets and debts, and custody issues if there are children, and you have a nerve-racking situation.  Arizona is a no-fault state, which means the courts don’t look at the reason for the breakup, they only require that the union be irretrievably broken.

The legal aspects of the divorce process are often stressful because as the parties involved, you aren’t just splitting up property. All those things which you owned together, whether they are dishes, furniture, jewelry, or vehicles, probably signify happier times, and have sentimental value attached to them. If there are children involved, the court may be called upon to help work out parenting time schedules and custody issues which may seem intrusive. When one or both of the spouses brings strong feelings of hurt and anger into the legal proceeding, it can become emotionally draining and financially costly.

What not to do:

A Minnesota woman recently made headlines when her ex-husband’s belongings were placed in a big pile on the front yard with a sign saying “X-HUSBAND SALE” and “FREE”.  Not only that, his GMC Yukon SUV was spray-painted with obscenities and the word “Cheater.”

Many splitting couples have probably thought or dreamed about doing something similar. Thankfully, however, not many people act on these fantasies.  Lashing out and destroying property or other acts of violence could make things more difficult for you when it comes to the division of assets, child custody and parenting time. The roller coaster of emotion is not uncommon but if you can’t move past the anger, seek the help of a professional.

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