Tips for Divorcing Parents

Tips for Divorcing Parents

Parenting plans that focus on the kids

Let kids be kids. Parents who are able to minimize drama and work together to be effective co-parents will be better off, and so will their kids.  Find ways to show support for your kid’s academic and athletic talents, and create parenting time schedules respecting the children’s activities and goals.

Technology and You – Parents and kids are busy, so remember to use all the great mobile devices and tools such as iPhone, Blackberry, and Google Calendar to keep track of family time and events.  Sync your custody and parenting time schedules on a regular basis and remember to update contact information for spouses, grandparents, friends and other care providers, and all other emergency contacts.

Tips for divorcing parents

Divorce is tough on all family members, parents and children alike. There are things you can do to help lessen the impact on your kids.  Dr. Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D., says divorce doesn’t have to be damaging to kids and offers suggestions to divorcing parents.

  1. Don’t recruit you child to side with one parent or the other.
  2. Don’t bad mouth your ex in front of your kids.  Remember, your child loves and relies on that other person, and if possible, try to mention the others spouses positive qualities.
  3. Do work with your spouse to establish rules for the kids –bedtimes, homework, chores and activities.  Try to establish a civilized co-parenting relationship and focus on your kids and support their goals and activities.  You don’t have to be best friends, but each of you will want to share your child’s milestone events. Your children’s birthdays, proms, graduations, college, and weddings should be celebrated by the whole family.
  4. Do reassure your child that he or she did not do anything to cause the divorce and that both parents love them.
  5. Do seek help if you are weighed down by continuing anger or grief.  Allow a professional to guide you to better times.
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